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Medical and Ethical Emergency Deliberation

On the 11th of September 2020 in the middle of Corona-locksteps an international conference was held in Driebergen in the Netherlands about facts, lies and the challenges that lie ahead.

The ‚Medical and Ethical Emergency Deliberation‘ has layed the foundation for an international alliance between European doctors and lawyers. Experts in law and medical science shared their views on surviving and striving for the restoration and recovery of science and moral values while facing misinformation and censhorship. In order to unite as mankind and to create a way out of further lockdowns – that many people here and in the third world countries will not survive – a variety of lectures were presented concerning ethics and law as well as principles based on common sense.

Email us for questions or to share your ideas at: emergencydeliberation[a]protonmail.com www.medicalemergencydeliberation.com

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Anhörung ACU-A13/14/15 C2.1 Berlin: CORONA COVID 19 INTERNATIONAL SITUATION Spain, USA, Hungary

ACU-A13/14/15 International Situation Spain, USA, Hungary

International Situation in Spain, USA, Hungary

Conference from 01.08.2020 held in Berlin, Germany. Feedback from Doctors from Spain, USA and Hungary about the Situation in their country. Speakers talk in german, english, spanish and hungarian.

Internationale Situation in Spanien, den USA und Ungarn

Konferenz vom 01.08.2020 in Berlin, Deutschland. Darstellung der länderspezifischen Situation von Ärzte aus Spanien, den USA und Ungarn. Redner sprechen in deutsch, englisch spanisch und ungarisch.

Allgemein deutsch englisch español hearing spanisch

Anhörung ACU-A9/10/11/12 C2 Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Ungarisch Portugiesisch

Conference from 31.07.2020 held in Berlin, Germany.

International ACU-conference 2.0

Second ACU-conference held in Berlin, Germany. Doctors from Germany, Austria, Spain, Hungary and the USA speak to people from their country. Multilanguage.

Internationale ACU-Konferenz 2.0

Zweite ACU-Konferenz in Berlin, Deutschland. Ärzte aus Deutschland, Österreich, Spanien, Ungarn und den USA sprechen zu ihren Landsleuten. Mehrsprachig.