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Dear honourable colleagues, 
The current Corona ‘lockstep’ has forced our society into a global medical and moral emergency. To guide and accompany moral questions an international conference will be held in the Netherlands.

Medical and Ethical Emergency Deliberation (M.E.E.D.)
11th of September 2020, The Netherlands

To give this international conference a solid legal and scientific foundation various legal experts and medical professionals will be present. Healthcare and its practitioners worldwide momentarily are on the fringe of law and liability. For it is eventually us, individual doctors, lawyers and judges, who are and will be liable and accountable for our professionals actions.

At the M.E.E.D. international experts will come together and deliberate on all aspects of the Corona protocols, measures and laws. Result and goal of the conference will be a solid legal and ethical international convention which will form a foundation for future policies and actions, rooted in independent science and truth. The full day will be recorded and made available for the public and medical and legal professionals to view afterwards. Together we will create a widely supported ethical base for future policies. 

During the conference various international experts like Heiko Schoning, Germany and Dra. Natalia Prego Spain will shed their light on the medical, legal and ethical aspects of the current situation. Deliberation will follow after each speech. This will be the arena for debate. All participants are invited to join in the open discussions.

We gladly invite you to participate in the deliberation on the 11th of September. Details on the location and the international speakers will follow after we have received your subscription. We kindly ask you for a donation of 75 euro, which can be paid via a bank transfer (details will follow after subscription) or on the day itself. Lunch, coffee, tea, a lovely autumn soup and closing drinks are included.

Unfortunately, due to the Corona measures, we have limited seats available. 

Join us and register here:

Berlin Demo Heiko Schöning 29.08.20

“Het Grote Blufspel” – Heiko Schöning –
ongecensureerd 09, Vraaggesprek met Kai Stuht, ReUpload 09.08.2020

Transcript in het Nederlands

Transcript in het Nederlands

Heiko Schöning, Dr. Bodo Schiffman, Prof. Martin Haditsch (02.07.2020)

Transcript in het Nederlands